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Saturday, April 21, 2007

second stage of my proj.... work is still onnn

hi this is the second stage of my proj...
the work is going on smoothly but slowly ....
any how my proj will finish before the end of april 07... hop so....
to day we did plumbing work it was hectic and but the out put is nice...
as we had planned we have arranged all the fittings and accessories ...
the main prob occurred when were installing the geyser.. in the next update i ill display the whole assemble....
:) :) WISH ME LUCK.... :) :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Nokia rumored 8600 Luna exposed

nokia-high-fashion-8600-luna.jpgThe rumored Nokia 8600 “Luna” just got a lot more real now that a suspiciously similar twin is teasing us from the Carphone Warehouse site. The site dubs the phone the Nokia High Fashion because it’s “so new it doesn’t even have a model number.” Sure, whatevs. At least they know that it’s “coming soon” with an “on-screen menu system,” 2 megapixel camera for photos and video, MP3 player, and 1GB of built-in memory. It’s also likely to be sporting Series 40 under that sliding, semi-transparent hood. Nice.

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The project work is intended to design and make a performance study of both parallel parallel and counter flow multi tube heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger is fabricated according to the design details given in the report and a performance study is carried out by varying the flow rate of both hot and cold fluids. Various parameters like heat capacity, overall heat transfer coefficient, effectiveness have been determined. By measuring the terminal temperatures LMTD have been determined.NTU vs effectiveness have been plotted for one value of heat capacity ratio Cmin / Cmax = 0.05 .

It has been found that as NTU increases the effectiveness also increases upto a value 75% and there after the effectiveness is found to be remain constant in case of parallel flow heat exchanger. For a counter flow heat exchanger the effectiveness is found to increase with increase in NTU. After attaining a value 80% the effectiveness is found to remain constant for increase in NTU.

The setup is found to be suitable for carrying out experimentson heat exchanger performance.


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