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Thursday, July 23, 2009

tale of port pipavav...

hi at present in pipavav a place in gujrat near rajula wht city...its like hell out here no malls,no proper station ,no rail links to other cities...but thn also people like to call it a city....rajula city...thrs whr i staying for last 2 years ....
Here our compeny(afcons infrastructure Ltd) is constructing one of the indias and asias largest dock....let me tell u wht is dock ,its a sort of basin where both the walls of basin r reinforces conceret ,whr the ship builders build the ship and many more stuffs related to the size of dock is 625*65 mtrs and 16mtrs in depth. if u look from a plane u ill c it as a big swimming pool.hey if the clind (psl)fails to build the ship thn we ill get worlds largest swimming pool. the construction of dock gave me one gud moral valu in life tht before u do any job get the knowledge of it first..but as i am a young and energetick and i just started working with tht learing from my activities..
Today i have finished 1.5 years in this place and still the job is going on and on..but any how we have lot more work to do and many more challenges to face...


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